fertility assessment

What to Expect During Your Fertility Assessment in Laguna Hills, Orange County CA

As with any doctor visit, your fertility specialist will welcome you with a friendly smile and understanding of the stress you may be experiencing.  After a few questions and learning more about you and your partners medical history, your specialist will perform the following:

  • A physical exam for both partners.
  • Men undergo a semen analysis to count the amount of sperm and evaluate movement.
  • Women undergo an ovulation evaluation to determine that ovulation is occurring.

After your specialist has the results of your fertility assessment, she will share the results with you and offer possible fertility treatments.  It is important to note that if a woman is ovulating additional tests may be necessary to properly determine the cause of infertility.  Your specialist will work closely with you to guide your through each step of the assessment process and find the best solution for your circumstances.

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If you think a fertility assessment could help you, please contact your fertility specialist in Laguna Hills, Orange County CA.  We look forward to helping you find answers and possibly begin your fertility journey.