Uterine Fibroids & infertility

Uterine Fibroids & Infertility in Laguna Hills, Orange County CA

Getting proper and immediate treatment for uterine fibroids in women is crucial to prevent complications or infertility issues. At our practice, we offer one of the most effective treatments for uterine fibroid. Our experienced team will diagnose your condition and determine the best way to treat your uterine fibroids.

What Is Uterine Fibroid?

Uterine fibroids can be defined as muscular tumors that grow in or on the uterus walls. Below are the symptoms of uterine fibroids

  • Massive, extended painful periods
  • Pelvic pain or pressure 
  • Pain during sex
  • Persistent urination
  • Inconvenience in the rectum
  • Struggling to empty bladder
  • Pains in the leg or backache

Procedure For Treating Uterine Fibroid

At our practice, we offer medications, non-invasive treatment, and minimally invasive treatments for uterine fibroids. The medications our specialists prescribe for uterine fibroids focus on hormones that control your menstrual cycle; these drugs treat symptoms such as pelvic pressure and heavy menstrual bleeding. They don’t destroy fibroids but might significantly reduce their size. 

Some of these medications include Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists, Progestin-releasing intrauterine device (IUD), and Tranexamic acid (Lysteda, Cyklokapron). Our non-invasive treatment for uterine fibroids helps preserve your uterus, is done on an outpatients basis, and requires no lacerations. 

Our specialist carries out this procedure while you are inside an MRI scanner equipped with a high-energy ultrasound transducer. The images give our specialist the exact location of the uterine fibroids. When the location of the fibroid is obtained, the ultrasound transducer directs sound waves into the fibroid to heat and destroy little areas of fibroid tissue. Our minimally invasive procedures can destroy uterine fibroids without removing them through surgery. 

Some of the procedures include uterine artery embolization, Radiofrequency ablation, Laparoscopic or robotic myomectomy, Hysteroscopic myomectomy, and Endometrial ablation. Our available treatment options for traditional surgical procedures include Abdominal myomectomy and Hysterectomy. It is important to note that Hysterectomy, uterine artery embolization, radiofrequency ablation, and endometrial ablation are not the best options if you want to optimize fertility.

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