Causes of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss | Laguna Hills & Orange County

Most pregnancy losses happen due to abnormalities, genetic or chromosomal. The abnormalities may regenerate from the early embryo, the sperm, or the egg. Advanced maternal age also causes miscarriage, and it happens due to low egg quality resulting in genetic abnormalities. 

The father or mother may have irregular genes, but the child could be adversely affected, leading to miscarriage. Another cause is hormone abnormality which may affect pregnancy, including diabetes and thyroid disease. Also, irregularities in a mother’s blood clotting may impact the pregnancy as well. 

Tests Carried Out for Couples with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

A specialist will take a comprehensive genetic, family, surgical, and medical history and conduct a physical examination. Another testing that may be carried out includes karyotype evaluation of both partners. Karyotype implies the make-up, genetic, or chromosomal of a person. The aim is to detect the abnormalities in the partners that could be transmitted to their children. 

Treatment Available for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

The treatment recommended for patients suffering from this condition is based on the root cause of recurrent pregnancy loss. People suffering from karyotypic abnormality are recommended for genetic counseling. A professional will discuss the concept of genetic abnormality and the possibility of having a chromosomally abnormal or normal pregnancy later. Another treatment procedure is surgery which helps fix some complications in the uterus like extra tissue.

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