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Having a miscarriage does not imply that you will be a victim of another miscarriage. However, a few women have had more than one miscarriage. If you have been a victim of two or more miscarriages, it is important that you seek help immediately. At our practice, we specialize in providing excellent and effective treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss. Our fertility and IVF specialists can recommend the ideal procedure to treat your recurrent pregnancy loss issues and conceive safely. 

What is Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is defined as when a woman has two or more consecutive pregnancy losses. When a woman has more than three miscarriages, she is asked to undergo further testing and a physical exam. Some of the causes of recurrent pregnancy loss include:

  • A genetic abnormality leads to pregnancy loss. 
  • A septate uterus, in which a wall of tissue partitions the uterus into two parts, occurs very often and can lead to a recurrent miscarriage. 
  • Various medical conditions such as Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), Asherman’s syndrome, Fibroids and polyps, and Thyroid/hormonal issues can increase the risk of recurrent miscarriage.

Procedure for Treating Recurrent Pregnancy Loss 

Our fertility and IVF specialists are committed to offering a solution to your infertility and pregnancy loss challenges. We recommend various procedures for treating recurrent pregnancy loss such as lifestyle changes, surgery, or even genetic testing to better the chances of a fruitful pregnancy. 

With the current conditions bordering recurrent pregnancy loss, surgical or medical treatment can reduce a woman’s risk for future loss of pregnancy. Even after three pregnancy losses, a woman still has a high chance of carrying a full-term pregnancy and conceiving. Our specialists at will guide you through the personalized treatment process and help achieve desired results.

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